Thoughts about life



This year has been a struggle for my family. Everyday I face feelings of uncertainty and fears of loss. I was doodling trying to take my mind off of worries, but they always come right back. I drew a simple dream catcher, but at the end of it I wrote, “catch my reality… leave my dreams…”
Now I have typed several sentences and deleted them, over and over. There is no words to describe how stuck I feel. I guess I just feel trapped, helpless, and like the walls are closing in.

Guilty Cravings


Why is that we crave what we shouldn’t have?
Crave what we don’t need,
Looking past what is right in front of us?
Why is that we are not satisfied with the good,
And look forward to guilt?
At this moment my mind is a wasteland,
Intended for troubled thoughts and selfish acts.
At this moment I am guilty of wanting more,
Wanting what I don’t need.