Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

I’m not sure of the last nightmare I had. I know recently I had a dream that I was shuttin the door to my bedroom and right before I shut it I saw a rat shoot into the space under my bed. I am considering this a nightmare because I did feel panicked in my dream. I was upset because 1) Under my bed could be cleaner and I felt that I wouldn’t be able to find the rat and 2) why was there a rat in my bedroom!? and I guess 3) the fear that there could be more. In reality we do not have rats in our house, but I feel that this dream meant that if we don’t get our “stuff” together, that bad things would happen. My husband and I are students, so we spend the majority of the day at school and are pooped out by the time we get home. Also, one reason this dream could have occurred is my fascination with the compulsive disorder of hoarding. I am currently reading a book about hoarding and I also watch the television show, which may or may not be real. My husband argues with me that it’s all fake, but I do not see that as being accurate. I would actually like to specialize in hoarding, I am currently working toward my bachelor’s degree in psychology. I don’t have nightmares that often, but when I do I tend to act them out in my sleep. My husband has been a witness to many strange things. We always laugh about the following one. One night I was having a dream that a dog was chasing me, I believe it was a Rottweiler, and I was scared to death. It was growling and biting at me, so I was acting that out in my dream and chomping my teeth right beside my husbands arm. He says that it startled him and I believe it. I also mumble in my sleep when I am having a dream where I am talking to someone very convincingly/persuasively because I am in fear for my life, if that makes any sense.


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