Little Louisa


Little Louisa had a crooked nose and an even more crooked spine. At 91 years of age she had accomplished very little, but had no desire to prove to anyone that she could. Her life was not for anyone’s benefit, it was solely hers and she felt free not having to meet anyone’s expectations. When she went through town nobody knew her name besides the owners of her favorite shops. Little Louisa enjoyed candles, cookies, and calendars. Each day she would burn a candle of her choosing and watch the wick burn down to the bottom. A still flame burning down, putting off a sweet aroma, filling her small cottage. Little Louisa drank tea and coffee with as much sugar as she wanted and smiled when she finished her cup. Satisfied. Little Louisa didn’t need or want anyone to drink tea with her. She didn’t want the fuss of another person bringing down her mood, talking about what angered them and what they could do without. By herself she was in peace, solitude, quiet.


Abigail D. Gray


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