New Pair of Sunglasses


Plastic, black, impractical. Cheap, but oh so appealing. Brittle, yet oh so strong. Putting them on he felt different. No longer an old bird. His first instinct kicked in, he had to show them off. Subtly, though – he didn’t want to rub it in. Sticking the key in the ignition and turning it was no mundane task now. He heard the loud roar of the engine and he felt powerful. When he arrived at the shop where all of his friends were, he wore the sunglasses proudly, but didn’t mention them. Neither did anyone else. They didn’t have to, though. After the latest gossip had run its course he told The Boys that he would be back. He cruised on up to town and got them all “dollar burgers” and Coca-Cola’s. When he returned, they all enjoyed their meal and thanked him kindly. “No problem,” he grinned, squinting at them through shaded eyes.


Abigail D. Gray


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