Different Life


And then she put her head in her hands,

and prayed for a different life… 




I’m constantly haunted by past lives that I’ve lived. Each stage of my life has seemed so different from one another. I am haunted by a life of freedom as a child. I am haunted by a life of newfound love that has long since passed. I am haunted by a life of bliss, fulfillment, and unlimited potential knowledge. In my current life of dispair, lost hope, and dread, I crave these past lives, or at least glimpses of them. 

Thoughts about life



This year has been a struggle for my family. Everyday I face feelings of uncertainty and fears of loss. I was doodling trying to take my mind off of worries, but they always come right back. I drew a simple dream catcher, but at the end of it I wrote, “catch my reality… leave my dreams…”
Now I have typed several sentences and deleted them, over and over. There is no words to describe how stuck I feel. I guess I just feel trapped, helpless, and like the walls are closing in.