Wanting without needing 

Is a certain kind of hell. 

Desire and temptation

Rushing in,

Anguish at the forefront. 

Here I am in hell,

Ready for my visit to end. 

But I am the one

Holding the key. 


A Heart’s Entanglement


My heart aches for you during your absence, 

And like unanswered prayers, questions fill my troubled mind. 

Being without you is the sickness in my stomach, 

It’s a strong feeling with senses of its own,

How to make it go away is a mystery, 

Your heart is set on someone else, 

But mine is forever set on you. 

Any diversion of my attention is needed, 

But your words replay throughout like a beautiful melody, 

And once more I am held captive, 

Taking me back to the feelings of nervousness and emptiness. 

My dreams are filled with hopes of being yours truly, 

I’m caught up in you, 

And I never want to leave this place. 


Abigail D. Gray