Down the Road


When you’ve long since moved on,

Then years later

he says that he actually did love you. 


Childhood Music


Reading the prompt to this challenge, I found myself questioning how did I get my musical taste? One memory I have was when I was very young and my parents were still together, we would all (them, me, and my older brother) go riding on dirtroads and listen to music and just ride. Were they always happy moments that didn’t end up in someone fighting with each other? No, they weren’t. But there were times when I think we would all just stare out of the window and there was one old abandoned barn that I used to love to see when we rode by. It was the same every time, but I couldn’t get enough. We would listen to whatever rock stations were out then, but one song I know that came on often was Drivin’ and Cryin’s “Straight to Hell.” How sweet, I know. Another was Alice in Chains “Rooster.” I think that definitely influenced the music I listen to now which is mostly alternative rock and music from the 90’s. Later on, when I was in my teenage years, my mom would listen to a lot of Brooks and Dunn. I need to buy her a new cd, I think she would like it. She also loves Elvis and Conway Twitty.

In response to- Daily Prompt: Papa Loves Mambo

Our House



When I was a child, my family moved a lot. We stayed in one general area, but never stayed in one home for long. However, I do have to say that there was one that really stood out. This home was old and had an upstairs, which made me very excited. My older brother and I had the small bedroom upstairs that was right beside the attic. My favorite memories are of us having friends over, taking the mattress from the bed, and riding it down the small staircase. This house was an odd shade of green and located on a small side road. Outside was a willow tree that I admired and a big tree in the middle of the yard that we would climb, sap sticking to our arms and legs. My parents had a waterbed in their bedroom, my brother, our friends, and I would climb onto their dresser, jump, and land on the waterbed, which hurt terribly if there was no cover on it. Needless to say, the house was always full of life, and these are some of my memories.