Different Life


And then she put her head in her hands,

and prayed for a different life… 




I am conflicted. I am torn. I am selfish. I am lustful. I am weak. I am at large regretful, yet at times I am satisfied.

I am human.

I come from a family of people who want what they can’t have, who don’t know how to communicate their feelings well, who don’t strive in the right ways. I am a person who looks into the past often, who lives in the now, and doesn’t see far into the future. I am unfocused. I am not secure. I am hunting, searching, for a good place, at least in my mind. Nobody sees the inside of his scattered mind.

Guilty Cravings


Why is that we crave what we shouldn’t have?
Crave what we don’t need,
Looking past what is right in front of us?
Why is that we are not satisfied with the good,
And look forward to guilt?
At this moment my mind is a wasteland,
Intended for troubled thoughts and selfish acts.
At this moment I am guilty of wanting more,
Wanting what I don’t need.